About Tanzanite Price

About Tanzanite Price

Current Tanzanite Price Per Carat

Discovered in 1967, this intense blue gem has since then only gained both popularity and fame in all fields of jewelry – be it rings, studs, necklaces or chandelier earrings. Not only that, but it also has time and again been seen on the red carpet – established as a gem of beauty and status.

Why are tanzanite prices so high? Tanzanite price history has seen its share of highs and lows; frequent fluctuation due to inconsistent mining and rarity. The latter factor, rarity, has always had an enormous impact on the tanzanite price as the semi-precious stone is a whole thousand times rarer than the diamond and in the past fifty years the mines have been depleting steadily.

How much does tanzanite cost? Considering the prices in trade shows, the web, jewelers as well as from the Tanzanian mines itself, the current pricing trend stands at $400 to $550 per Carat for good grade stones of 3 to 5 Carat weights. The higher grade stones may even go up to $700 per Carat. The richer the color intensity of the stone is, the higher the price per Carat – some hitting $1000.

Thankfully, due to trade shows and internet prices balancing the playing field, you can get a reasonable quality stone online for approximately $600 per Carat.

In the process booming the stone and it reaching the jeweler, tanzanite gets faceted once in Tanzania and more often than not re-faceted in Thailand, which also influences the price range.

In the past, the tanzanite price graph has been both up and down – starting at a mere $200 in the end of the twentieth century and subsequently leaping to $600 to $800 per carat during the onset of twenty-first century. Tanzanite price history began with Tiffany and Co. monopolizing its mining, which set a certain standard in the market. In the 1980’s when they finally let go of this privilege, its distribution was taken to new heights.

Luckily, thanks to standardized mining procedures in Tanzania as well as the organization of faceting and distribution, tanzanite prices 2014 have come to a steady plain – making this is the ideal time to buy. Latest techniques of mining assure a secure and steady stream.

Being such a new entrant into the gemstone market, Tanzanite has already secured its place with the big four – emerald, ruby, sapphire and diamonds. Prices are surprisingly comparable, but more importantly tanzanite purchase at this time is ideal as there is a very high chance of your investment doubling in the next few years. It has also been predicted that prices will rise till the third quarter of 2014, after which they will stabilize further.

Its rarity, addition to the birthstone list, color intensity and overall exquisiteness are all pronounced influencers in the tanzanite price – rising to a level where it was even a threat to sapphires popularity in terms of color and birthstone. When buying tanzanite jewelry and loose gems, keep in mind that prices are also affected by the cut, clarity, carat and color of the stone – as each increases in grade the overall quality of the stone becomes superior, automatically increasing its price as well.

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