Latest Jewelry Trends

Latest Jewelry Trends

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Fashion is alive and ever changing – nothing can hold it back. Today’s generation of jewel trends celebrate this vivacity that fashion itself is made off and welcomes a variety of confident and individualistic styles, even if they happen to be radically different from each other. All that matters is that you get to express yourself!

All you girls out there looking for what is in this year, here we have for you an overview of 2014’s up and coming trends.

Gold Jewelry

Bold gold. If you for even a second thought that gold is for the elderly and the ancient, then you couldn’t have been more wrong. Be it simple chain link bracelets, edgy pendants with astounding new designs or the age old statement chandeliers – gold is the metal of today’s generation.

Minimalist jewels. In direct contradiction but yet immense popularity, bold is not the only way to go. If you happen to be one for more subtle style then you can bypass all the bling and get back right to the basics. Every woman’s wardrobe needs a few pairs of studs – plain metal, set with a gem or extravagantly studded with a variety of stones. Each has its place and be it for daily wear or even a special event, studs can add that much needed graceful class to certain outfits that excessive sparkle may not to do justice to.

Vintage is back. Nothing can dispute the fact that a touch of antiquity accents even the most contemporary designs and outfits. The royal blues and clear grey gems are back in action as they get set into vintage pendants, statement earrings, rings, chokers and bangles. Those intricate art deco metal worked jewels never really went out of style people, and the hint of royalty that those elaborate and elegant jewels add to every outfit is a perfect offset the modern fashion statements.

Color JewelryMore the color, more the glamor. The gold and the silver is important, but so is every other color known to mankind. Latest designers have had a blast putting together precious and semi-precious stones as well as colored glass and enamel in order to create some of the most bold fashion jewels. Statement jewels aren’t just the vintage chandeliers anymore – brilliant translucent as well as opaque pinks, aquamarines, emeralds, crimsons and fiery oranges make some of the modern statement fashion jewels of today.

Colors which contrast are just as good as the ones that complement; if you have a summery yellow sweater then you don’t have to cautiously accessorize it with clear gems or warm hued jewels – you can go straight out and wear a large blue pendant and accent that lemony shade!

HandbagsThe color fever has caught on to the handbag sections as well. Who said that bags should be leather browns and blacks? Slings, clutches and handbags are now chic and daring with their adventurous new colors. Even frills have made a comeback!

The very definition of fashion is vitality, and life has sure been blown into each and every one of these accessories; be it through their bold designs, outstanding colors or dazzling sparkle, fashion sure has come alive.

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