How To Create Tanzanite Tennis Bracelet

How To Create Tanzanite Tennis Bracelet

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One of the rarest and most exclusive stones known to man, the blue tanzanite is an ideal addition to any woman’s collection of jewelry. Ever considered designing a tanzanite or tanzanite and diamond bracelet for yourself? They are chic and classy, giving you just a hint of sparkle along with that formal style statement which is so much in fashion in today’s times.

4.00 Carat Oval Bracelet studded in 14k White Gold

Here are a few guidelines on how to go about creating your own personalized tennis bracelets, allowing you to choose metal, setting, stone cut and sequence – tailor-made to fit your style!

Start by knowing your metals. Once you set yourself a budget, it is rather easy to choose. You have gold, rose gold and white gold; where in, the former two are hardy metals but have a tint, whereas the last is white but may tarnish with regular use. There are palladium and platinum which are higher end in both quality and cost, but palladium is too hard to resize and platinum may scratch easy. The last is sterling silver, a silver alloy which is perfect for budget jewelry – but steer clear away from it if you happen to have sensitive skin!

Each metal has its pros and cons, so choose wisely depending on your need.

Next is the stone itself. Assure a reasonable grade of clarity and color according to your budget and setting, but when it comes to cut and size you must do your research. If you have narrow wrists and long fingers go for a style that will give your hand volume – round or oval cut tanzanite, but if you have sizable hands and wrists go for an emerald or princess cut, or even a slightly elongated link pattern.

Last and more important is the setting itself. You have a lot to choose from, starting from the simple pronged settings where all the focus is on the gem, bezel and channel where the metal subtly complements the stone or link and block where equal weightage is given to metal and stone.

Round Bracelet Yellow Gold

If you are choosing to use only tanzanite then a tanzanite bracelet in white gold is idyllic, but if you prefer using yellow gold then a gold diamond tennis bracelet with tanzanite will balance the contrast between the blue and the yellow.

The real fun starts when you choose a bracelet with links – metal sculpted in various shapes in between the stones. There are spiral links where the metal is curved, chain links, box setting where lines of simple square tanzanite set with prongs are broken with cubes of metal and art deco links with elaborate metal work.

You must know what you want to wear it for – regular use or special occasions. This usually gives you a fair idea of what the style and setting should be – simple prongs or bezel for everyday wear is ideal, but if you are looking for something that is elaborate and makes a statement then you could go for one with elaborate link designs, halos or varied stones.

Be it a day at work or a night out in town, create your own tanzanite tennis bracelet to suit your style and make a sparkling statement!

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