Make jewelry to match an outfit

Make jewelry to match an outfit

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If you found yourself the perfect dress the other day at the mall, what comes next? Spicing it up with some chic accessories to complete the look that you’re going for. Jewels are always right on top of the chart of what works best, but the art of matching it to your outfit – that might take just a little bit of work. In today’s fashion first era, the key is to freak out – do something unconventional and aesthetic at the same time and you’re good to go!

Here are a few simple things to keep in mind to make sure you look great every time you walk out of your house – even in the simplest clothes.

First, when you dress casual, accessorize casual too. Don’t go for the gems and the ivories straight away – instead throw on a pair of studs, wood bangles, charm bracelet, pendant on a chain and you manage to give your outfit some life without going too far.

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Also make sure you play with colors and textures – there’s so much to choose from nowadays.

Traditional metal jewelry – gold and silver alike – embedded with conventional stones like emeralds, rubies, diamonds and sapphires are timeless with outfits that call for such accessories, but upcoming fashion has taken a turn to the wild side – the traditional now goes with the most contemporary outfits and vice versa.
When choosing jewelry you need to be broadly aware of what statement you want to make, what you can carry of and what the occasion is.

Now while casual daily wear can be wacky, when you dress formal for regular work days with subdued colors like greys and blues, you might want to go one of two ways – either go simple with clear diamond studs or pearls or something of the sort, or spruce up the otherwise subtle outfit with something bright but yet formal like emerald drops or silver hoops. Even though you have to make the choice, it is highly recommended that you don’t mix something too casual with work wear, simply because it might be aesthetically jarring or out of place.

Getting out for a night out on the town? Now’s the time to crack open your jewel safe and pile on the bling. The classic little black dress comes to life with stacked bracelets of gold and silver, a gold chain with other trinkets.

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Don’t forget, jewels are not only about the sparkle, but they also add color to what you’re wearing – be it throwing on a pair of yellow hoops with a purple top and using the contrast to make both pop, or bright multi-colored beaded bracelets to go with an otherwise monochrome get up. Use the simple theories of complementary and contrasting colors – the one that are absolute opposites go as well together as the ones that are similar do!

Lastly, always remember that an outfit consists of not just a dress, but the shoes and the bag, the belt and what not, so the jewels don’t have to necessarily fall in place with the fabric, they can also match or complement other parts of what is on you. Next time you get all decked up, look at everything that is on you as a whole – it gives great perspective and always ends up looking fabulous!

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