Tanzanite and Love, Music To Your Ears

Tanzanite and Love, Music To Your Ears

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Expressing love comes in many forms. Flowers (Red roses for my lady fair). Poems (Red roses for my lady fair; to whom I will forever care).  Gifts, such as fine jewelry (and of course we hope you will consider the flexibility of Tanzanite gemstones to communicate beginning affection as well as endless love).  And then there are songs (will refrain from singing). We found some top 10, top 50; top 100 love song lists compiled by various organizations, using a multitude of criteria.

Jewelry Love

But, we decided to use this blog to reach out specifically to the generation coming of age, the Millennials. Born mostly between 1977 and  1995, formative years of music encompass songs released beginning in 2001. And just by chance, CNN posted an article in Feb. of 2016  charting the top love songs of this millennium. This particular article was also selected for our blog because it includes videos of the artists performing their songs and some background as to why CNN selected that specific song from that artist.

As a reward to hard-working Millenials, this music should help you get into the mood of the upcoming Valentine holiday and in turn, increase your chances of having a successful Valentine encounter.

See if you agree with the list below. It seems like there is something there for everyone, just as we feel at Top Tanzanite that we have a ring, pendant or earring set that will meet your needs to best express the level of affection to your loved one.

Tanzanite Love

For example, by mixing high-end styling with traditional fashion, your lady fair can wear this 1.75ct Trillion Shape Tanzanite Ring With .27ctw Diamonds in 14k White Gold at a fancy big city ball or a quiet date in an intimate setting in your hometown. The powerful blue gemstone with flecks of purple will constantly catch her eye and remind her of your commitment and love.

Trillion Shape Tanzanite Ring

Or,  look at this .90ctw Round Tanzanite Pendant With .2ctw Diamonds in 14k White Gold. This elongated pendant with a combination of two round tanzanites of 0.900 carats, carved with two sparkling baguette diamonds of 0.200 carats suspended in 14k white gold quietly but proudly signifies the bonding of your two hearts.

Round Tanzanite Pendant

And what better symbol of two joined as one than these 2.8ctw Pear Tanzanite Earrings With .9ctw Diamonds in 14k White Gold.

Pear Tanzanite EarringTanzanite fine jewelry is an emblem of success and a gift of the prosperity of your relationship to come. Or said another way, it shows what great music the two of you will make together. Just like the performers in the CNN survey!

Best love songs of this millennium, selected by CNN

2001- ‘Fallin” — Alicia Keys

2002- ‘Come Away With Me’ — Norah Jones

2003- ‘Crazy in Love’ — Beyonce

2003- ‘Maps’ — Yeah Yeah Yeahs

2005- First Day of My Life’ — Bright Eyes

2005- We Belong Together’ — Mariah Carey

2006- ‘Chasing Cars’ — Snow Patrol

2007- ‘Falling Slowly’ — The Swell Season

2008- ‘You Belong With Me’ — Taylor Swift

2008- ‘Make You Feel My Love’ — Adele

2009- ‘Need You Now’ — Lady Antebellum

2010- ‘Home’ — Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

2010- ‘Just the Way You Are’ — Bruno Mars

2013- ‘All of Me’ — John Legend

2014- ‘Stay With Me’ — Sam Smith

2014- ‘Thinking Out Loud’ — Ed Sheeran

Did you find your particular song in this group? We hope you did, just as we hope you will take a stroll through our online catalog to find a gemstone accessory that a certain someone will find just as unique from you.

Tanzanite Love

Tanzanite jewelry is available on-line through our extensive, user-friendly catalog of rings, pendants, and earrings at  http://www.toptanzanite.com/.

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